Trade The Trend® with SmarTrend®!
In turbulent market times, you need the best tools available to maximize your investments. You can rely on SmarTrend for sound investment guidance, without emotional speculation—especially critical in the current market climate.
  • Real-Time Stock Alerts: SmarTrend scans the markets and alerts you when it determines a stock is on the move with reliable real-time UPTREND and DOWNTREND alerts.
  • Proprietary Analysis: SmarTrend uses a proprietary system of time series pattern recognition analysis, back-tested using more than 25 years of data.

The SmarTrend Morning Call is a comprehensive, daily market newsletter.

  • Examines proprietary market indicators and stocks from the SmarTrend system
  • Outlines key economic and business events expected to impact the movement of the US stock markets
  • Highlights specific company announcements and earnings releases
SmarTrend® News Briefs