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Real-time, subject-specific, newswires consolidated from Comtex's large variety of premium publisher partners. Comtex CustomWires are delivered continuously throughout the day and enhanced with metadata to meet your customization needs.


The COVID-19 CustomWire provides you with a global perspective on headlines relating to the Coronavirus pandemic. Coverage spans market impact, company impact, and news, treatment, resources such as ventilators and socioeconomic impact related to social distancing, lockdowns and other measures.



The Cryptocurrency CustomWire provides you with news on critical insights on Blockchain, Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Altcoin, digital currencies and much more. Includes newest developments, the latest Initial Coin Offerings & newest companies to accept cryptocurrencies, changes in regulation and monitoring of cryptocurrencies and important industry events & market sentiment relevant to cryptocurrency.



Provides insight into the major economic, corporate and legislative activities that influence market movement. Delivers up-to-the-minute trading data from the major global stock markets, commodities and futures prices, personal investment news, economic indicator data, international trade policies, general business news, IRS bulletins and actions from the major global financial institutions.



News and information on public and private companies worldwide with reports on all aspects of the global business arena. Features news items on corporate earnings results and projections, product releases and other corporate developments.

International Business


Provides in-depth coverage of the world’s most profitable industries and influential economies, in real-time. Focusing on the activities of companies doing business outside the United States, the International Business Customwire delivers news on company financial performance, growth, earnings reports, mergers and acquisitions, contracts and new partnerships. In addition to company information, the International Business CustomWire features regional industry statistics and political news affecting trade and competition in the global marketplace.     

Foreign Exchange


The Foreign Exchange Customwire provides extensive foreign exchange related content from Comtex’s worldwide network of prestigious publishers. Be alerted immediately to interest rate cuts by the Bank of Japan, spikes in the value of the Euro, new unemployment figures, and announcements from the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman. In addition to breaking news, the Foreign Exchange Customwire delivers expert analysis, commentary and a variety of valuable tables and charts.

Public Companies


Supplies information on any company that trades on a U.S. or Canadian exchange. Delivers the latest news on corporate announcements, stock splits, technological discoveries, quarterly earnings and new marketing initiatives. Company stock tickers are included in all reports. (Public Companies Select — a subset offering press releases only — is also available)

Wall Street


Provides insight into the major economic, corporate, and legislative activities that influence market activity. Includes real-time information on a variety of topics including, real-time trading data in the major global stock markets, commodities and futures prices, SEC filing information, personal investment news, economic indicator data, international trade policies, business news, IRS bulletins, and actions from the major global financial institutions, specifically The World Bank, The Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan, and the European Central Bank.

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  • Public Company News NASDAQ Financial 100

  • Public Company News S&P 500

  • SEC

  • Spanish Select

  • Sports

  • SportsBeat

  • U.S. Equity Technical Analysis

  • Western Europe

  • World Affairs

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