Comtex Now Offering Podcast Solutions

Comtex can work with you to produce an individual podcast or a recurring series of podcasts on a monthly basis. Comtex offers two types of production:

Option 1


In this option, the client provides the script after which Comtex will copy edit, record, produce and prepare a professional quality podcast and deliver to the client.

Option 2:

This package allows for a fully Comtex-produced podcast. Comtex gathers specification for the individual podcast or series from the client, writes the script, and delivers a preview for editing and feedback. Each podcast will be allowed up to one round of
edits, after which Comtex will record, produce and provide the podcast to the client. Comtex will prepare intro/outro music for which there will be a one-time fee to produce.

Distribution Add-On:

This add-on allows for distribution of podcast(s) by Comtex. Podcasts will be distributed through Comtex podcast on various platforms. All podcasts are recorded in a professional studio environment.