Comtex is now offering customizable video content through our video partner, ClipSyndicate.  All content is fully licensed and includes premium publishers such as local ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates' local news videos, among thousands more.  Comtex can provide branded video players with a fully customizable mix of content through a variety of models:


Ad Supported Players 
  • Monetize your website and offer premium video content at no cost to you. 

  • Generate revenue for your website through the ad impressions served in the video content and allow users to click through to your website through the the player itself. 


Paid Players 
  • Offer users ad free video content at very reasonable monthly and annual rates. 

  • Comtex can work out a pricing package which works with your business model. 


Full Text
  • Transcripts Comtex also offers full text transcription of all video content, offering comprehensive local, regional and national US news coverage, available in the same delivery format as all other Comtex News offering. 


Video content can be purchased separate from our other News offerings or as part of a package. 


Contact Comtex today to learn more and start enhancing your products.