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Comtex customers receive select content from key sources, which is further enhanced with stock tickers, an extended lexicon of relevant terms, and proprietary categorization. With a specialization in financial news and content marketplace, Comtex receives, warehouses, enhances, filters and distributes news and content received from hundreds of national and international news bureaus, agencies and publications, and distributes tens of thousands of stories per day.

Comtex's New Publishing Partners
Comtex's New CustomWires
COVID-19 CustomWire


The COVID-19 CustomWire provides you with a global perspective on headlines relating to the Coronavirus pandemic. Coverage spans market impact, company impact, and news, treatment, resources such as ventilators, and socioeconomic impact related to social distancing, lockdowns, and other measures.

The Comtex Advantage


70+ Publisher Partners Contribute to over 1.5 Million News Stories Distributed per Day

Many contracts. Many different formats. Many different delivery mechanisms.

Comtex Enhances the Content


  • Aggregates

  • Normalizes data

  • Tags

  • Tickers

  • Keywords

  • Creates CustomWires®

Single format XML. Real-time delivery.

One contract. Only the content you need.

Comtex Content Powers Solutions
  • Desktop Market Data Application

  • Algorithmic Application

  • Websites

  • Intranet

  • Tablet

  • Smartphone Apps

  • Social Media

  • and MORE!

Comtex can provide you a custom content solution combining customwires, full feeds, and custom solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us for more information and get a trial-feed.